All Offices: (02) 9657 0999

All Offices: (02) 9657 0999

Optimise your investment with Xcellerate IT’s support, training and professional business services.

Xcellerate IT offers a strong portfolio of services that are aligned and customised to suit your business objectives.

With over 20 years of experience, Xcellerate IT’s support, training and professional services assist end-users with integration, testing, maintenance and legacy modernisation.


Professional Services

The Xcellerate IT Professional Services Group is composed of experts in design, implementation and customisation of a wide range of business process…

Software Assurance & Support

Xcellerate IT is committed to providing the highest quality support to its customers. Every Xcellerate IT solution includes a Software Assurance &…


Xcellerate IT training courses focus on document capture, workflow and document automation technologies. The training courses are organised by the…

The Solutions

With businesses looking to cut costs and improve efficiencies, document automation solutions gain a strong position positions on CFOs and CIOs agendas. Xcellerate IT offers a wide range of business process automation solutions to help organisations to automate paper driven business processes.

The solutions streamline and accelerate processes by extracting critical information from paper documents, e-documents and forms, and transforming them into retrievable information. Xcellerate IT solutions are suitable for multiple industries, such as manufacturing, finance, local and state government, healthcare and a wide range of companies that require the capture of critical information from paper, electronic documents and forms.

Galaxy 42 has work collaboratively with Xcellerate IT to integrate their solution into our clients ERP solutions providing a more comprehensive solution. If you would like to know more about their solution offerings please either contact us or follow the link below.


“Xcellerate IT’s solution has provided quantifiable efficiencies and savings, and the support of our consultant through the whole implementation process was, and continues to be, excellent.”

Cathy Gavin, Finance & Tax Accountant, Campbelltown City Council.

“Since implementation, the control and visibility of end-to-end process in Accounts Payable has been second to none. This, along with Xcellerate IT’s great on-going support, has proven this to be the best ranked solution for us hands down”

Executive Manager for Financial Consultancy Services.

Our Services.

Xcellerate IT provides product solutions that automate document driven processes by managing the transformation and communication of business-critical information arising in paper, fax and electronic formats in a more accurate, timely and cost-effective manner.

Xcellerate IT product solutions are widely used across multiple industries, such as manufacturing, finance, local and state government, healthcare, higher education and a wide range of companies that require the capture of critical information from paper and electronic documents and forms.





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