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All Offices: (02) 9657 0999

All Offices: (02) 9657 0999


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What we do

Galaxy 42 offers a broad range of services across the TechnologyOne and Infor Pathway suite of systems that draws on the skills and experiences of both our consultants and our clients. We express this as: Your Team, Our Team, One Team.

Our Services

Project Implementation & Advice

Galaxy 42’s approach is to use its proven Galaxy 42 Implementation Methodology (GIM) to ensure your ERP investment is maximised through the successful implementation of the system. GIM guarantees a consistent, highly successful result with minimal risk through a project-based approach that allows us to exceed customer expectations through improved communications with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.


Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

CPM is the cornerstone of Business Intelligence and can play a vital role in monitoring and managing a company’s performance. To this end, CPM has become a fundamental skill within Galaxy 42 and we have developed many outstanding business solutions upon this framework for our clients including Enterprise Budgeting and Forecasting; Performance Planning; Data Warehousing; ETL (Extract Transform and Load) Processes and Publisher.


Software Testing and User Acceptance Testing

UAT is paramount to ensure that your TechnologyOne system is appropriately configured to meet your requirements both today and tomorrow. We offer comprehensive, independent, functional testing by taking a 360’ approach, from how the application presents to the user to the way in which the system processes data.


Training and Mentoring

Quality training can improve business performance, profit and staff morale. At Galaxy 42 we provide tailored training programs, skills transfer and mentoring to ensure your staff keep pace with ever changing technology and you continue to reap the benefits that your system can provide.


Your selection of leaders for your project is a key decision that impacts its overall success. Our consultants are all practiced leaders that can either lead your team or provide guidance and strategic advice to ensure that your vision is appropriately executed.

System Administration

Having your system configured appropriately is essential to protect sensitive data and your business assets. We can help take the stress from system administration by offering strategic and functional advice in the areas of security and user management, package deployment, end-of- month and end-of- year.


Tailored Dashboards

We have assisted many of our clients to transform mountains of data into actionable insights through cleverly designed Dashboards. These Dashboards have helped our clients make better business decisions and have become a critical part of the business. Ask us how we can do the same for you.

Tailored Reporting

Well designed, tailored reporting can save you time and money. Our experienced XLOne and Crystal Reports consultants will design intelligent, meaningful reports and stationery to meet your exact business needs.

Systems Utilisation

Systems Utilisation We provide expert advice to ensure you are taking full advantage of the functionality available in your TechnologyOne systems. This includes analysing your workflows and procedures, eliminating any redundant processes and tweaking your system configuration to optimise its effectiveness.

System Reviews

Are you get the best performance from your system? Our team of skilled and experienced consultants can provide a methodical review of your system usage to identify further opportunities for system utilisation and optimisation.

Licence Reviews

Are you appropriately licensed? Potentially save money and ensure your licence components compliment your business requirements by completing a Galaxy 42 licence audit. We will identify opportunities to eliminate inactive licenses and ensure you are making the most of your current licence position.

Infor Pathway

Galaxy42 has extended its national consultancy business to provide specialist services for the Infor – Pathway application suite, including Customer service and people management, Revenue management, Property management, Regulatory management and Online and mobility management. Under the Pathway application our Galaxy42 consultants focus on delivering transformational change to your local government organisation.

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Galaxy 42 is a boutique consultancy dedicated to assisting our clients to maximise their investment in their chosen ERP applications. Our passionate and experienced consulting team can provide strategic guidance, application support and configuration assistance.


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