Creating Your Companies ICT And IM Strategy Together!

Delivering Value provides a diverse range of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Information Management (IM) services and solutions to a wide range of clients and industry sectors.  We specialise in demystifying technology so that a common understanding of the benefits are reached and ultimately business outcomes are achieved.  With many years of experience in the ICT and IM industry, our consultants bring real world practicality to the conception, design and delivery of ICT and IM projects. We focus on “delivering value” to our clients with a strong focus on working in partnership with our clients to achieve successful business outcomes.  You are the experts in your business and industry and we are experts in “delivering value” through the implementation of ICT, IM and business solutions.  Together we can create a strong culture of growth, effective management and quality results. We are able to deliver full ICT, IM and Business Project lifecycle outcomes.

Specialized Services

Organisational Change Management

Delivering Value consultants have been involved in many ICT & IM Projects and are well acquainted with the internal dynamics of change that a complex ICT & IM Project brings.

Our consultants can help you to manage this change by:

Project Governance

Delivering Value has developed a framework for the Governance and Project Management of ICT and IM Business projects that assists in driving the value management.

The Delivering Value framework is based on the principle that strong and effective ICT & IM Governance supported by effective and efficient Program and Project Management drives value management to:

  • Establish appropriate processes to continuously measure the value of the IT investment meeting our clients strategic business objectives and delivering identified business benefits;
  • Develop a risk management and mitigation strategy to control resources and actively manage the project performance;
  • Establish a management reporting framework to support identification and assessment of project value and delivery success;
  • Identify specific operational and management responsibilities of the key stakeholders and project management team; and
  • Identify and effectively manage relationships between stakeholders, other external bodies and client customers and suppliers.

Project Initiation & Planning

The early stage planning of any complex project typically has a direct relationship with both the smooth flow of the project and the success of the project.

Poor project conception and planning can have a project team playing “catchup” from the very beginning.

Delivering Value consultants have been through the project cycle many times and can bring a “real world” understanding of what is required from a documentation point of view as well as advice around how and where to build into the project plan appropriate milestone checks.

Key areas to address that are important to delivering value and successful projects are:

  • Getting the project started promptly;
  • Assembling and organising the project team;
  • Addressing key approvals and budgetary arrangements;
  • Implementing and documenting appropriate project controls; and
  • Identifying quick wins for the project.

Leadership & Team Effectiveness

Building capability and nurturing the leaders and team members to deliver complex business change programs is an essential skill for program managers and project team members.

Not everyone is born with these skills and being able to learn from an experienced campaigner in this space can be a very rewarding and deliver value for all involved.

We often ask the question why well meaning, highly skilled and committed professionals are unable to work effectively and deliver a successful project?  The simple answer is that our default human behavior is to operate as an individual not as an effective leader or team member.  We simply do not train and support our people with the right models and tools to operate successfully in teams and as leaders to acheive success that results in delivering value for the business and the project team.  The Delivering Value Leadership and Team Effectiveness model ensures project success while adding excellent professional and personal development for all the project team.

Delivering Value consultants can bring many years of experience in this area to a program of works, discrete project and/or department. Essentially the approach is managed via several distinct but related methods ;

  • Developing and delivering a strong Leadership and Team model for project operation and delivery – we utilise a unique suite of Intellectual Property, tools and delivery methods supported by highly experienced and skilled consultants to train project teams how to work effectively and how leaders should lead;
  • Direct coaching mentoring – one on one consultative engagement approach with project managers, team leads and team members;
  • Training – more formalised presentation of specialised training programs targeted for identified needs;
  • Organisational design – setting up of program / project structures to proven industry models with tools, techniques and appropriate governance.

ICT & IM Strategy

The diagram below outlines a typical approach that Delivering Value takes in the development of an ICT & IM Strategy Plan and Implementation Roadmap.

Key to this approach are core elements and activities within each stage that we customise according to our clients requirements.  Our model is flexible and can be either fully delivered by our experienced consulting team, or in conjunction with our clients own business and ICT & IM resources.  We have a unique template approach that creates a solid framework for our team to work with your team.

For more information on how we can assist your business with a realistic, pragmatic and cost effective ICT & IM Strategy and Roadmap please contact Delivering Value Director Tim Roberts on +61 413 450 900 or email  [email protected]