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Galaxy 42 has a significant Integration Practice which utilises multiple platforms, such as web services, TechnologyOne ETL, Microsoft SQL tools and Dell Boomi which is one of the market leading Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) providers.

As organisations continue to invest in a variety of applications both on-premise and cloud-based integration requirements have become increasingly more complex. In this ever-expanding Digital World it is becoming critical for organisations to have a sound Integration Platform and we believe IPass providers such as Dell Boomi offer significant advantages and we partner with them to provide some very unique solutions to our clients.

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As a pioneer of the IPaaS industry, Dell Boomi maintains a leadership position within prominent business analyst ratings firm Gartner.  It is considered one of the leading applications in its space and we believe it is uniquely placed to assist a wide range of organistaions.

The Boomi cloud-native platform provides revolutionary speed and ease for connecting any combination of on-premise or cloud-based applications for automating business process.

The unified platform includes robust support for core integration, master data, API, EDI and workflow management, all based on one unified, “low-code” development environment.

Boomi delivers a unified, versatile enterprise-grade platform, leveraging all of the advantages of the cloud. Every element of our platform is designed for ease of use and high productivity.

Our experience with Boomi can help you solve the hard technical challenges, so you can focus on improving your business.


Application & Data Integration

Connect all your application & data sources across your hybrid IT landscape to unlock data slips and achieve pervasive integration.


Master Data Hub

Synchronize and enrich your data through a data hub so the organization has data to make business decesions.


B2B EDI Management

Achieve interoperability between your internal systems and your ecosystem of trading partners to extend the reach of your nusiness operations.


API design and Management

Modernize and expose underlying data as APIs to deliver scalable and secure real-time interations for the world of applications.


Workflow automation & APP Deveolpment

Automate workflows on any channel, device or platform to create new experiences for customers, partners or employees.

By tapping the power of the Boomi platform, any organistion can significantly shorten project times, reduce costs, streamline processes and boost productivity. Boomi’s technologies connect applications, assure data quality and automate workflows.

Connect Everything:  people, processes, applications, data, devices, and things. With billions of transactions, Boomi can deliver a complete fabric of connectivity.

Engage Everywhere: Facilitate end-to-end business processes across any channel, device, or platform.

Run Anywhere:  Boomi’s Atom technology enables organisations to deploy anywhere—on-premise, in the cloud, or on the edge—online or offline.

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Visit the Boomi Website for more information





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