All Offices: 1800 517 142

Melbourne Direct: (03) 9686 0240

Melbourne Direct: (03) 9686 0240

Sydney Direct: 1300 517 142

All Offices: 1800 517 142


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At Galaxy 42, we believe it all starts with great people!

At Galaxy 42 we passionately believe that our people are our greatest asset and we are constantly seeking talented, experienced, customer centric consultants who have worked with TechnologyOne product suite to complement our rapidly expanding team. We provide a warm and welcoming work culture, which puts people front and centre and fosters an environment of teamwork, equality, creativity and trust.

We are currently seeking consultants in the following cities.

Financials, CPM, SCM, HRP, Property and Rating, Regulatory, Student Management



Financials, CPM, SCM, HRP, Property and Rating, Regulatory


Integration Practice

We are seeking experienced certified Dell Boomi practitioners in both NSW and VIC



Financials, CPM, SCM, HRP. Property and Rating, Regulatory




Financials, CPM, SCM, HRP, Property and Rating, Regulatory



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All Offices

Phone: 1800 517 142

Level 2, 83 Palmerston Crescent South Melbourne

Phone: (03) 9686 0240

NSW Office: Level 17, 40 Mount Street North Sydney

Phone: (02) 8415 9908

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Galaxy 42 is a boutique consultancy dedicated to assisting our clients to maximise their investment in their chosen ERP applications. Our passionate and experienced consulting team can provide strategic guidance, application support and configuration assistance.


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